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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm back in the Game Restoring Integrity!

Hello Everyone. It's a beautiflul Sunday Morning. It's 8:00. I just had an orange. Now I'm eating My cup of oatmeal with a small portion of cashew butter wth truvia ( Natural sweetener) derived from the stevia plant. As you can tell A video hasn't been posted for everyday now for the next 90 days as I promised. The Impact on you as the reader/ watcher would feel that I'm not reliable, I'm not a man of my word, and I'm not someone who you can count on. The Impact on me is that it leaves me feeling disempowered, It leaves me feeling overwhelmed, and I feel that I want to make everyone happy but I wouldn't be able to take care of myself if I did.

The possibility I want to create is that I will upload videos ( Not one a day) at least 2 a month. I will be more intentional on Blogging and Sharing photos. I want to create a better snese of listening. Listening has been an attribute that I've lately been really working so hard on mastering. When I am in tune with someone's listening, then the help I have for them will be priceless.

A big area of my life I have come to realize is the value of relationships. When you build a relationship, it is something that can be a part of you for the rest of your life. I strongly value my realtionships with everyone that I come into contact with. Some are not as strong as others. I am constantly in tune with the impact I leave on people, and the impact they leave with me. When I communicate this, I feel that the other person understands me, from there I can create a possibility of synergy.

Model - Fame - Universe 2009!

I will be competing in my First Sports Figure Modeling Competition June 18th- 21st in Miami Florida. I'm in it to win it! My training has been very intense. I'm definitely the most passionate person in the industry who will be competing at this event. I'm doing this for Mom. If you don't know, Fadi Malouf and I run a Self Development/ Personal Training Academy in Duluth Georgia. We are Fitness Motivators/ Lifestyle & Dream coaches. When people meet us for the first time and choose powerfully to take bold action in their lives, they never forget that day. We leave an Impact in them that molds the rest of their life.

There's a family photo from my brother's Highschool graduation 4 years ago. That's my Mom on the left. I love her to death! She's a huge inspiration in my life and I'm finally realizing her dream. Her dream was to marry my father and move from Brazil to the United Stated so she could give my brother and I a better life. This is an amazing dream to have. She has been making sure we use every resource we have to do whatever it takes to have SUCCESS hit us in the face!

She doesn't see the value yet I'm my providing to the community transforming the lives of people by Mind Body and Spirit.
She wants me to go back to school, get a degree, and work for a big company and get a "Nice Salary".Isn't that what the average person does? Don't get me wrong, that is perfectly fine for someone to do. It just isn't my path. I will win many fitness competitions. I will be in Magazines. Fadi Malouf and I are set on transforming the lives of 20,000 + by 2015. That's a huge goal, and we will reach it! We are going to write a book. And we will be a consatant giving source of Inspiration and Motivation to others.

So I will contune on my path. Mom I promise you I will take care of you and Dad. You will not have to worry about a thing anymore! I'm here for you! Your son will help you live a beautiful future traveling the world and doing the things you've "Fantasized" about.

I recently just started modeling. I'm very excited! Crysti you are an extraordinary woman. I just want to thank you for everything you do in this life. All of your responsibilities, and the suit of Being so Courageous & Strong is what I admire you for. You stand in the face of anything doing whatever it takes to make life the way you want it happen. You are a unique individual and I am blessed by God to have been able to meet you and share this life with you. Thank you : - )