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Friday, December 4, 2009

Life's Path ;-)

from HelloTxtLife's Path ;-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fasting........I'm f

from HelloTxtFasting........I'm fasting for a day and my tummy hurts! Go coffee & gallons of water!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Testimonies - This i

Testimonies - This is where the comments go for testimonies. For those of you that I have helped experience a transformation, please share ;-) Photos welcome! O=)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carpe Diem! The Ener

from HelloTxtCarpe Diem! The Energy from the Sun lift's me up to Accomplish Monumentous Acts that are more than Whimsical ;-) I just trained Chest and Arms With Fadi & Mike. What a great workout! 2010 is on the rise & Things in my life and those around me are about to transcend to a whole new level of being. Take part of my energy to motivate yourself to achieve the best in What God has given you :-) You are not alone, there is a higher power with you always!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


from HelloTxtCHISLED TO THE CORE - MESMERIZE THE EYE! So my V's getting Jacked, my back is ripping up, business to the next level, our 6' oclock training is more packed than Tongue & Groove on Saturday nights! No alcohol, all Adrenaline Baby! Today was literally one of the best mornings I've ever had. I'm passionately inspiring to the max. My vision communicates. My actions deliver. I make bodies Quiver.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bassel & Kathy Just

Bassel & Kathy Just kicked my ass in Abs & Side Raises!!! Frank got schooled!!! Everyone Training with me this week is getting their CORE rocked HARD!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I have a black and o

I have a black and orange 2008 CBR 600 rr that needs to go out the door quick! 5,000 cash. Friend of a Friend's. Just got married and bought a house. Any bidder's?

Saturday, September 12, 2009



Saturday, September 5, 2009

Watching my hip hop

from HelloTxtWatching my hip hop class sideways on the laptop, featuring laura edwards : )

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Jacket needed i

from HelloTxtThis Jacket needed it bad...I kept saying something smells.........It was me : -(

Sweat!!! uughhhhughh

from HelloTxtSweat!!! uughhhhughhh...Smelly! Do not workout and forget a change of clothes when wearing your motorcycle Jacket, gets you and all the clothes you wear stinky! I smelt this horrible funk on me today and I can't take it any longer!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We live, breathe, sw

We live, breathe, sweat, eat, sleep, and work this game Day N' Nite! This will never change, we are never alone. Teamwork BABY! Did you know that less than 18% of the workforce today has Open Communication being Respectful on people's opinions to allow for Creativity, Growth, and Integrity? If a team totalling 5 out of 13 players knew their goal, only 2 would would make it happen! They know how to play and begin with the end in mind. The other 3 would compete against their team, rather than the competition! Many people do not excell in their organization. They are Drifteras. What if you engage Passion, Talent & Wisdom? This is how Transformations are created! ; -)

So right now....this

So right now....this very moment..I wanted to capture this feeling. After getting off the Phone w/ Fadi, I felt like I just won the lotto! I am so pumped!!! Just had an awesome leg workout with Gary...Whos going to win his first masters guys watch out!! Anyhow Fadi and I are having breakthroughs left and right!!! We are the Authority on Fitness. No one can tell us otherwise.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

was feeling a lttle

from HelloTxtwas feeling a lttle ripped after doing legs...and didnt even train abs b/c I got em good rocking out my arse! took the pic b/c i noticed a lil baby lower ab starting to emerge! yay fun I love looking good! all that proper nutrition over 2 years now has finally been paying off ; -)

Squating and taking

from HelloTxtSquating and taking a picture!?! Who does that! busting up some glutes calves & abs right now. With my squats...I'm staying real low and only coming up a quarter of an inch...just enough to squeeze my glutes. 3 small sets of 20...just enough to get 60....i'm doing 3 rounds of that super setting 60 calf raises on the leg press machine...get to work everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

If you can't tell, t

from HelloTxtIf you can't tell, this shirt is completely soaked in sweat! I haven't treained legs this hard since my thousand lunge day...but this thousand leg day consisted of 10 exercises....100 reps a set...Brutal! Thanks Violet ; -)......we kicked each other's butt today! Afterwards I had 8 ounces of some naked juice, followed by a 40g VPX hour later 1 cup white rice and 7 ounces chicken...about to kroger it up b/c I'm out of spinach and crazy spicy mustard...mmmm those bookbinder mustards help keep some flavor that's decently low in sodium when you need to change up the flavor profile of that chicken!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eating a cup and a h

from HelloTxtEating a cup and a half of oatmeal with 40 g pure whey protein isolate before an intense shoulder workout....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Neal Anderson! Thank

from HelloTxtNeal Anderson! Thanks man you saved my life : ) I had just finished walking to the BP gas station, off of cobb parkway towards cumberland blvd, about a 45 minute walk. This guy sees me walking back and honks his horn. All I have to say is what a helpful person! What goes around comes around. Funny just the other day I was telling people to spend a part of your day and energy helping others. Well some good luck came my way. I'm more pumped now to keep on giving back to my community. If anyone could wave a magic wand, and have life work out the way you wanted, how could I help you ? that's something to think about. anyhow, Mr. Neal Anderson, I'd like to acknowledge you today in being, helpful, sincere and trusting. Thanks so much for making my day work out : -)

Ran out of gas exiti

from HelloTxtRan out of gas exiting Cumberland blvd from vinings at my brothers apt. walking back from the highway to get gas : (

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hip Hop Dancing in m

from HelloTxtHip Hop Dancing in my bathroom for 1 hour! Thanks Kevin : ) This is my cardio, I will make a presense out there: -)

Pre - Prep your Food

from HelloTxtPre - Prep your Food! My most important thing I stress to everyone is to get your cooking done in advance. Shown here is about 6 pounds of chicken or so. this should feed me for about a day n' a half to 2 days. Eat Healthy!

My Mom is modeling l

from HelloTxtMy Mom is modeling like me! I love this woman : -) She keeps my burning desire to be a superstar in this world at all times : )

The chicken gets ind

from HelloTxtThe chicken gets individuallly wrapped and selaed in aluminum foil. Then you toss it on the grill for about a half hour and wala! POW! Super Awesome Healthy Chicken!

My Mom is in Love wi

from HelloTxtMy Mom is in Love with my Creation! I got Advocados, onions, tomatos, yellow peppers, extra virgin olive oil, and diced them up. We put them in a food processor.

I was checking Plant

from HelloTxtI was checking Planter's Nutrition selection of Nuts and this guy Chris was like, " Hey Frank right? " I'm like " Yea!" He said he had found me on myspace and had been watching my videos and liked what I was doing. I felt like a celebrity! I felt I was destined to go there and recieve that compliment. I'm telling yall, one small word of encouragement can go a long way. I want to advise evereyone to spend some of your time and energy helping others each day. I'm taking on alot of new powerful distinctions in life & I want to share them with everyone. By the way Mustard and some hot sauces are pretty low in sodium as far as condiments go. So to add some flavor to your food without murdering your sodium intake try these guys out! : -)

So I'm down at the P

from HelloTxtSo I'm down at the Publix off 20 towards the Mall of Georgia today. I just drove back from Chateau Elan seeing my Favorite Girl Kelly Ngo who really hooks it up on the Eyebrows : -) It's Lautus Nails & Facial Spa. located in the mullberry shopping center. 5745 old winder highway, braselton GA 30517. Tell them "Frank with the motorcycle told me you guys were amazing!"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's a semi healthy

from HelloTxtIt's a semi healthy lettuce wrap right?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Second Breakfast for

from HelloTxtSecond Breakfast for the Day! Championship eating Baby!

Friday, July 10, 2009

To find out more abo

To find out more about Twitter, visit the link below: Thanks, -The Twitter Team About Twitter Twitter is a unique approach to communication and networking based on the simple concept of status. What are you doing? What are your friends doing—right now? With Twitter, you may answer this question over SMS or the Web and the responses are shared between contacts. This message was sent by a Twitter user who entered your email address. If you'd prefer not to receive emails when other people invite you to Twitter, click here:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just finished. Doing

Just finished. Doing 3 sets of 10 pushups. Practice these daily. Heading to 311! : -)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Woke up this morning

Woke up this morning starving. Ate 6 ounces of sweet potatoe, 6 ounces chicken breast(boneless /skinless) and a carb master yogurt. No carbs after 9 am today :(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm back in the Game Restoring Integrity!

Hello Everyone. It's a beautiflul Sunday Morning. It's 8:00. I just had an orange. Now I'm eating My cup of oatmeal with a small portion of cashew butter wth truvia ( Natural sweetener) derived from the stevia plant. As you can tell A video hasn't been posted for everyday now for the next 90 days as I promised. The Impact on you as the reader/ watcher would feel that I'm not reliable, I'm not a man of my word, and I'm not someone who you can count on. The Impact on me is that it leaves me feeling disempowered, It leaves me feeling overwhelmed, and I feel that I want to make everyone happy but I wouldn't be able to take care of myself if I did.

The possibility I want to create is that I will upload videos ( Not one a day) at least 2 a month. I will be more intentional on Blogging and Sharing photos. I want to create a better snese of listening. Listening has been an attribute that I've lately been really working so hard on mastering. When I am in tune with someone's listening, then the help I have for them will be priceless.

A big area of my life I have come to realize is the value of relationships. When you build a relationship, it is something that can be a part of you for the rest of your life. I strongly value my realtionships with everyone that I come into contact with. Some are not as strong as others. I am constantly in tune with the impact I leave on people, and the impact they leave with me. When I communicate this, I feel that the other person understands me, from there I can create a possibility of synergy.

Model - Fame - Universe 2009!

I will be competing in my First Sports Figure Modeling Competition June 18th- 21st in Miami Florida. I'm in it to win it! My training has been very intense. I'm definitely the most passionate person in the industry who will be competing at this event. I'm doing this for Mom. If you don't know, Fadi Malouf and I run a Self Development/ Personal Training Academy in Duluth Georgia. We are Fitness Motivators/ Lifestyle & Dream coaches. When people meet us for the first time and choose powerfully to take bold action in their lives, they never forget that day. We leave an Impact in them that molds the rest of their life.

There's a family photo from my brother's Highschool graduation 4 years ago. That's my Mom on the left. I love her to death! She's a huge inspiration in my life and I'm finally realizing her dream. Her dream was to marry my father and move from Brazil to the United Stated so she could give my brother and I a better life. This is an amazing dream to have. She has been making sure we use every resource we have to do whatever it takes to have SUCCESS hit us in the face!

She doesn't see the value yet I'm my providing to the community transforming the lives of people by Mind Body and Spirit.
She wants me to go back to school, get a degree, and work for a big company and get a "Nice Salary".Isn't that what the average person does? Don't get me wrong, that is perfectly fine for someone to do. It just isn't my path. I will win many fitness competitions. I will be in Magazines. Fadi Malouf and I are set on transforming the lives of 20,000 + by 2015. That's a huge goal, and we will reach it! We are going to write a book. And we will be a consatant giving source of Inspiration and Motivation to others.

So I will contune on my path. Mom I promise you I will take care of you and Dad. You will not have to worry about a thing anymore! I'm here for you! Your son will help you live a beautiful future traveling the world and doing the things you've "Fantasized" about.

I recently just started modeling. I'm very excited! Crysti you are an extraordinary woman. I just want to thank you for everything you do in this life. All of your responsibilities, and the suit of Being so Courageous & Strong is what I admire you for. You stand in the face of anything doing whatever it takes to make life the way you want it happen. You are a unique individual and I am blessed by God to have been able to meet you and share this life with you. Thank you : - )

Friday, March 13, 2009

Workout Playground - (Always being updated!)

3/11/09 - Medium reps - Legs & Calves

So I started the day off by completing 50 fast bodyweight squats.

Then I went on to the Smith Machine .(Similar to this, Here's a pic.)

This is what I did.

Smith Machine Squat - Set 1 - 10 Reps @ 135lbs.
Set 2 - 5 Reps @ 185lbs.
Set 3 - 5 Reps @ 225lbs.
Set 4 - 5 Reps @ 275lbs.
Set 5 - 5 Reps @ 315lbs. (Had a spot on the last few.)
Set 6 - 5 Reps @ 335lbs. ( Spot all the way through!)

Barbell DeadLifts - Set 1 - 10 Reps @ 135lbs
Set 2 - 10 Reps @ 185lbs
Set 3 - 10 Reps @ 205lbs.

Barbell Lunges - (I was stronger than ever on these today! I'm stoked!) -
Set 1 - 10 reps @135lbs.
Set 2 - 10 reps @155lbs.
Set 3 - 10 reps @ 175lbs.

Calves - (Some Machine Squat that I modified and stood in it backwards for calves) ( I'd have to show you) Set 1 - 4: 45's on each side 30 reps each calf, then 20 each.
Set 2 - Same then additional 10 each side
Set 3 - 5: 45's each side. 20, 10, 10

Result: My legs have been the most sore this year! Great workout! All about change baby!

1/24/09 - Strength Training - Shoulders & Triceps

I sat in the sauna for about 5 minutes, mentally preparing myself for an awesome workout. I did a few tricep stretches and hamstrings. That leg workout rocked my legs yesterday! I’m pumped up full of energy and ready to rock this thing out!

- Warm up - 5 minute intense jump rope -

2 minute 1 foot alternating single jumps, double jumps & double crosses

5 more minutes - handstand walks as far as I could down the gym. Everyone’s watching me. I’m grabbing the attention because I’m obviously the one standing out.

I hadn’t done some rotor cuff exercises in a while. When I’m prepared to do shoulders, I’ll pay some extra special attention to those cuffs.

A couple years back I seriously jacked up my right rotator cuff. I though I needed surgery! For months I couldn’t lift heavy weight over my head with my shoulders or chest. I was miserable. I found out I had improper technique on the lifts with chest presses. And I found out as my chest and shoulders become stronger, my rotator cuff weakens. Needless to say now I’m stronger than ever. What doesn’t break me only makes me stronger.

- 5 minutes on rotator cuff strengthening - 20 circles left & right w/ 10 lbs each arm. 15 small circles left & right each arm. 15 inner/ outer cable pulls, left & right arm. 15 vertical right angle arm bends each side.

Ok, now onto the workout.

The Famous Fadi Special

—- 6 —- 4 —- 2 —-

First set 6, second set 4, last set 2. Same for every exercise.

One arm shoulder press ( standing) 3 sets (1 arm)

35 lbs, 55 lbs, 75 lbs —> That last one was a struggle, especially my left arm, it needs more work.

Side Delt raises - 3sets

15 lbs, 25 lbs. Attempted 35 lbs. elbows were not high enough so I dropped down to 30’s. I did one correctly, Then dropped down to 25’s and cranked out a couple good ones. Then went down to 20’s for a few more. Nice Pump.
In between the sets of side delt raises I went to the Squat rack. Hung from the bar, and rocked out some windshield wipers. Man, in my book of tricks, that is the hardest exercise to to to date. I did 5 nice ones each side. Then I did 5 half ones each side with a twist.

Rear Delt raises - 3 sets

15 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs

Next I went on to dips. This was awesome. I’ve been incorporating heavy lifting now and performed dips with the most weight ever! I was grunting pretty loud to rip these out.

Dips - Heavy Weight - 3 sets

Set 1 - 35 lbs, 6 reps / Set 2 - 55 lbs, 4 reps / Set 3 - 80 lbs, 2 reps —– MORE SIZE? LIFT THE WEIGHT!

Overhead Tricep Ext. on the bench lieing down.

45 lbs. 55lbs 75 lbs. (6, 4, 2 style)

After the last rep I would dish out a nice negative as slow as possible, real nice burn.
In between these I was doing this exercise where I spread my legs out wide, drop my hands down in line with my feet, body weight on the triceps, slowly bringing my legs up in the air like a split…..Bringing my feet together and pushing up into a handstand. Got the attention of some big strength lifters in the gym. They loved that stuff. It works. I’ll post pics on how to do it later.
Last but not least.

-Upside down pushups till failure - Followed by 20 hanging lower leg raises followed by narrow hand tricep pushups till failure. 2 rounds each.

While walking out I ran into Ivan. I hadn’t seen him in a good while. He’s about to turn 50. I’m going to get him in the best shape of his life. He doesn’t know it yet. But he’s going to have a beach body after working out with me. That I promise. I guarantee results. When you train with me, you will have the body you always wanted.

1/23/09 - Strength Training - Heavy Leg Routine.

-After every set as a bonus we do Handstand walks.

100 Seated Leg Presses @ 90 pounds.

5 sets of 5. Squats.

135lbs. 185lbs. 225lbs. 275lbs. 315 lbs.

5 sets of 5. Lunges

95 lbs. 135 lbs. 155 lbs. 155lbs. 155 lbs.

3 sets of 5. 1 legged Squats.

For all leg exercises, make sure you have a spotter. You can be in a tight spot in a heartbeat!

To finish off, perform alot of handstand walks! Do them untill Failure

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I will be the person people can admire and look up to.

It's Thursday March 12th 2009 4:33 P.M. I'm currently just rendered a video for a very special person.

I want to be a source of inspiration for everyone. If I can do it, anyone can. I'm no different from anyone else. I just utilize what God has given me to it's full potential!

I spoke with one of my clients Finn Smith. Today we talked about life and how he got to where he is. He is a successful person in the constructive industry and has a few companies. It was being blessed by God, surrounded by the right people at the right time, and his drive that got him to where he is at.

I respect him for that. It made me feel a lot better about what I have been doing. I'm striving to be my absolute very best. I don't have everything I want in life, but I know I'm on the right path to achieving those goals. I thank God today for giving me the ability to create a gift no one could ever give except for me. It's my unique twist that I put on things that makes it special.

There's a big Event at YourDay in SandySprings tonight. I'm looking forward to it. The people down there are amazing. Day Adeogba is an amazing leader. He has lot's of talent and is helping me achieve my goals. I give him much thanks.

Checkout who Day is here -->>

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Core Values

It's 6:18 P.M. and I'm wrapping up my day. About to upload a new video here in a bit. I thought I would share my core values with everyone. I make sure that I align myself with these values so I attract like minded people into my life. I am a stand for every one of these and would take a bullet for each. You can comment and share yours as well.

Faith/Religion: Belief in a Higher Power. Knowing that you can always count on The Lord for guidance. Speak out into the Universe and you will attract what it is that you want. Seek to understand before be understood. The lord will bless you if you reach out.

Family/Friends: I love and take care of those close to me. I want to bless & help them as much as I can. I want to share with them everything I know. I will be there for them when they need me. They are the people who I will love forever!

Health&Fitness: I am a stand for Health & Fitness. I am an amplifier of Motivation. I help you make strong of your natural talents. I exercise daily and am always thinking of new ideas to build a Healthier, more Attractive SexierPhysique!

Respect: To be Honored. To be shown consideration for. Express Sympathy. I give respect and likewise love to be shown for it. I admire and thank those who have mentored me and helped me make smart decisions. I surround these people in my life to grow wise so I may soon someday share my entire knowledge and be a mentor myself. I would love to give back and change the live's of others who have had dreams intentional as mine

Passion/Love - I am Loving. I am a vibrant source of radiant energy! I bring fitness to the community. I have a strong concern for others. I want to positively impact every person I meet in life. I just want to spread greatness. I am thankful for the Big Guy Upstairs for he has given me a creative gift. I plan to inspire and empower billions of lives! I will put my passion into the work I do so it is unique.

Integrity: When I say something, It's going to happen. A man who will be known for speaking his future and reality. Keep my promise. Sound, Complete & Honest.

Growth: To always want to achieve more. We either grow or regress. Keeping the mind Intrigued. If I pour in an abundance of wealth into my mind, success is but right around the corner! Self Development. Using age old principles of how things are and how things can be. Adding value to the community. Sharing with others and helping them grow as I have done. Be a role model. Teaching my success principles to achieve what you want in life. Inspiring the widespread evolution of the Human Mind & Body.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Personal Trainer Duluth: Day 1 90 Day Challenge.

So it's a beautiful Monday March 2, 2009 8:49 AM. Snowy outside here in Atlanta Georgia. As cold as it is, today Marks the day to remember, "THE 90 DAY CHALLENGE!" I encourage everyone to spend the next 90 days And make some alterations.

If you feel you are perfect in your fitness, take it to the next level! If you are just starting follow along. Massive amounts of content is on the release. I've been think a lot lately. If content is not flowing freely from me, that just means my mind is using it's 6th sense to create!

I will only post the most in depth videos on FrankWallFitness.Com. Snipets and positive life will be availiable all over the internet. My website is the Hub for the Secrets.

I will be at Best Buy in a few hours getting a few things to launch this video extravaganza. Keep your eyes open!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life Without A Gym!

Let's start off with My Before & Afters. I'm not going to waste any time here. You can get in the best shape of your life without a gym. You can eat nutritious foods. It's all dependent on your mindset. Know what the best part is? FrankWallFitness has it all!!! This is a Brand New Era everyone. I am unleashing the most cutting edge information out there to date.

The best thing you can possibly do right now is tell 5 friends to subscribe to my content. You will bring so much positivity to your community the possibilities are endless. I want to hear from everyone. I want to know what is it that the people want.

I will guide you to roads you never thought possible. I am the light! POW! This is my first entry here. For some of you reading this for the very first time, your life is forever changed. We met for a reason. The words and thoughts that I put out to the universe correspond to what you are trying to accomplish.

Follow me on Twitter. I'll keep you updated with the latest things that I am doing! It's better than email!

There is a reason why I started using this blog today. For starters, this is one of the most exciting days ever! I am so happy! I have been very blessed to be surrounded by great people. At this point and time in my life, I'm laughing, pumped, and just super stoked at how people say that I am doing great things and I am an inspiration for them in their life.

No I'm not full of myself, but I'm just now so aware that the content, the creative energy, the vibe I sent out to the universe is answering me. I put out what I want, and I am attracting that into my life. It's that simple. I still don't know why to this day it took me so long to figure it out. But for sure I know everything happens for a reason.

I told myself I wanted to race motorcycles. So guess what I did it! Through MSP Cycles, they helped me getting started to race, getting the race bike, and taking me to my first Track Day & Race Day! I am thankful. :-)

The point of me saying that is I wanted something. So I went after it. I got it. Now my Friends and close ones are constructing the most massive online fitness communities. We want to help transform a trillion lives. Yes......A Trillion. Because and I quote "It's not about accomplishing the goal, it's the pursuit after it." When you set your mind to something, you have created a vision. If you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. I'm all about creation. I am a stand for Health & Fitness. This is my purpose in life. I will transform the lives of others through positive thought and lifestyle coaching. I am that possibility.

What is it that you want to create?