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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Break Free from Anxiety"

As a Trainer, I know that fitness can be overwhelming for those who are new to working out. You do not have a clue what would work for you and there is so much out there. Who should you listen to and what information pertains to your specific needs? What if this does not work for you? How are you going to make this happen? Will you get the desired results? The confusion is similar to being in a room of people who are talking about something which leaves you clueless. Those types of feelings can leave someone anxious and withdrawn. This type of anxiety is derived from an emotion. This emotion builds up to the point where you are now anxious.

From time to time, I used to feel that way. I could vividly remember playing football in P.E. in middle school. I always felt anxiety because I felt different from the other kids. I also felt I would be the last person picked, which was always the case! In turn, I began creating negative and fearful emotions from within. I wanted to give up and walk away. But I stuck it out and played although no one threw the ball to me.

Multiple scenarios and stories like these kept appearing in my life. I did not like those feelings. I did not enjoy them. And I finally did something about it. I discovered a positive that would replace the feeling I did not like.

Here are 3 ways in which you can empower yourself to take on Fitness or anything else, if these anxieties occur in your life!

1) Acknowledge the Issue or Problem immediately.

Identify the cause of your breakdown or anxiety attack. Many times the same problem keeps persisting. A vicious cycle can occur when a person does not realize what is taking place. Taking about a problem or issue does onto solve it but allows it to occur again. These situations bring on those unwanted feelings. It is important to acknowledge the issue that is causing you to feel a certain way. This will give you the power to stay in control your emotions and feelings.

2) Stay in Control.

This is your life. You are in the driver's seat. You have to the power control your emotions. You can be sad. You can be excited. You can be depressed. You can be happy. You can be any number of things. Take note, at any given moment, you ultimately choose how you want to feel. When you have control of your thoughts and feelings, you have the possibility of steering your life into a place of joy and happiness. In order to get here, remember you must acknowledge what concerns or bothers you. Next, you must understand that you are in control. You have the ability to shift the mood of any situation by mere power of thought. You can now just be!

3) Just Be!

This is your state of being. This is living your life in the present. You can not be concerned about the past. It could be the past which is causing you to have a spiraling downfall. Talk about it once. Maybe even twice. Afterwards, you can begin to acknowledge, remain in control, and create how you want to be now. This is your time to live your life powerfully. Live for today because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come. What feeling do you want to create now? It can be anything! So many people live their life in fear, worry or anger. None of these emotions are helping them towards achieving a greater good. There is nothing wrong with feeling these emotions. Embrace them, but then move on. Be quick to realize that you are in a pitfall and find out what you are willing to do to get yourself into a better place.

You can take these instructions on your own or confine in someone who you trust. It is proven that humans need to socialize. Speaking to someone about your struggles is a great way to acknowledge what is occurring. Confining in a caring person can cause you to feel positive, loved bigger and stronger than you were before. Strength comes from struggle. Know that you can not be broken. No one can tear you down. You are powerful. And you will choose to live a life you love : - )

My message to you, is take control of your life. Stop being anxious and work your life that way you want. Control your thoughts and feeling and create possibility. If you can dream it, if you can think it, you can will it into existence. You are boundless!