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Monday, May 24, 2010

I was very excited t

from HelloTxtI was very excited today. I've wanted my brother to come to church with me for the longest time. No matter how much I told him that I had heard a great message, or how much I laughed and enjoyed the pastor's teachings, he would never come. My brother and I threw a party together last night. There was a girl there who he's been interested in for a while. I had a conversation with her. She had mentioned how she was not wanting to drive to Cleveland Ga. for a service with a friend. I convinced her how awesome 12 Stone Church was and what I got out of it. In my sharing, her wanting to go gave my brother the opportunity to see what I have been telling him about for so long. After the service my brother said, "Frank, you were right, that was a good service. I really liked it." I was so excited. He even said he got the message and how it applied to him and his life. This made me smile even wider because prior to the service I told him," God has a message for you today, and there is a purpose for you being here." It was pleasant to know that he told me I was right. God works in mysterious ways. I'm excited he has placed the right people in my life and those around me to have everything work in harmony with his word. ;-) Thank You Lord! O:-)

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  1. I rejoice with You Frank and Your Brother! Congratulations on the Victory.
    Aida Torres