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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Neal Anderson! Thank

from HelloTxtNeal Anderson! Thanks man you saved my life : ) I had just finished walking to the BP gas station, off of cobb parkway towards cumberland blvd, about a 45 minute walk. This guy sees me walking back and honks his horn. All I have to say is what a helpful person! What goes around comes around. Funny just the other day I was telling people to spend a part of your day and energy helping others. Well some good luck came my way. I'm more pumped now to keep on giving back to my community. If anyone could wave a magic wand, and have life work out the way you wanted, how could I help you ? that's something to think about. anyhow, Mr. Neal Anderson, I'd like to acknowledge you today in being, helpful, sincere and trusting. Thanks so much for making my day work out : -)

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