My Core Values:


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Core Values

It's 6:18 P.M. and I'm wrapping up my day. About to upload a new video here in a bit. I thought I would share my core values with everyone. I make sure that I align myself with these values so I attract like minded people into my life. I am a stand for every one of these and would take a bullet for each. You can comment and share yours as well.

Faith/Religion: Belief in a Higher Power. Knowing that you can always count on The Lord for guidance. Speak out into the Universe and you will attract what it is that you want. Seek to understand before be understood. The lord will bless you if you reach out.

Family/Friends: I love and take care of those close to me. I want to bless & help them as much as I can. I want to share with them everything I know. I will be there for them when they need me. They are the people who I will love forever!

Health&Fitness: I am a stand for Health & Fitness. I am an amplifier of Motivation. I help you make strong of your natural talents. I exercise daily and am always thinking of new ideas to build a Healthier, more Attractive SexierPhysique!

Respect: To be Honored. To be shown consideration for. Express Sympathy. I give respect and likewise love to be shown for it. I admire and thank those who have mentored me and helped me make smart decisions. I surround these people in my life to grow wise so I may soon someday share my entire knowledge and be a mentor myself. I would love to give back and change the live's of others who have had dreams intentional as mine

Passion/Love - I am Loving. I am a vibrant source of radiant energy! I bring fitness to the community. I have a strong concern for others. I want to positively impact every person I meet in life. I just want to spread greatness. I am thankful for the Big Guy Upstairs for he has given me a creative gift. I plan to inspire and empower billions of lives! I will put my passion into the work I do so it is unique.

Integrity: When I say something, It's going to happen. A man who will be known for speaking his future and reality. Keep my promise. Sound, Complete & Honest.

Growth: To always want to achieve more. We either grow or regress. Keeping the mind Intrigued. If I pour in an abundance of wealth into my mind, success is but right around the corner! Self Development. Using age old principles of how things are and how things can be. Adding value to the community. Sharing with others and helping them grow as I have done. Be a role model. Teaching my success principles to achieve what you want in life. Inspiring the widespread evolution of the Human Mind & Body.

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