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Friday, March 13, 2009

Workout Playground - (Always being updated!)

3/11/09 - Medium reps - Legs & Calves

So I started the day off by completing 50 fast bodyweight squats.

Then I went on to the Smith Machine .(Similar to this, Here's a pic.)

This is what I did.

Smith Machine Squat - Set 1 - 10 Reps @ 135lbs.
Set 2 - 5 Reps @ 185lbs.
Set 3 - 5 Reps @ 225lbs.
Set 4 - 5 Reps @ 275lbs.
Set 5 - 5 Reps @ 315lbs. (Had a spot on the last few.)
Set 6 - 5 Reps @ 335lbs. ( Spot all the way through!)

Barbell DeadLifts - Set 1 - 10 Reps @ 135lbs
Set 2 - 10 Reps @ 185lbs
Set 3 - 10 Reps @ 205lbs.

Barbell Lunges - (I was stronger than ever on these today! I'm stoked!) -
Set 1 - 10 reps @135lbs.
Set 2 - 10 reps @155lbs.
Set 3 - 10 reps @ 175lbs.

Calves - (Some Machine Squat that I modified and stood in it backwards for calves) ( I'd have to show you) Set 1 - 4: 45's on each side 30 reps each calf, then 20 each.
Set 2 - Same then additional 10 each side
Set 3 - 5: 45's each side. 20, 10, 10

Result: My legs have been the most sore this year! Great workout! All about change baby!

1/24/09 - Strength Training - Shoulders & Triceps

I sat in the sauna for about 5 minutes, mentally preparing myself for an awesome workout. I did a few tricep stretches and hamstrings. That leg workout rocked my legs yesterday! I’m pumped up full of energy and ready to rock this thing out!

- Warm up - 5 minute intense jump rope -

2 minute 1 foot alternating single jumps, double jumps & double crosses

5 more minutes - handstand walks as far as I could down the gym. Everyone’s watching me. I’m grabbing the attention because I’m obviously the one standing out.

I hadn’t done some rotor cuff exercises in a while. When I’m prepared to do shoulders, I’ll pay some extra special attention to those cuffs.

A couple years back I seriously jacked up my right rotator cuff. I though I needed surgery! For months I couldn’t lift heavy weight over my head with my shoulders or chest. I was miserable. I found out I had improper technique on the lifts with chest presses. And I found out as my chest and shoulders become stronger, my rotator cuff weakens. Needless to say now I’m stronger than ever. What doesn’t break me only makes me stronger.

- 5 minutes on rotator cuff strengthening - 20 circles left & right w/ 10 lbs each arm. 15 small circles left & right each arm. 15 inner/ outer cable pulls, left & right arm. 15 vertical right angle arm bends each side.

Ok, now onto the workout.

The Famous Fadi Special

—- 6 —- 4 —- 2 —-

First set 6, second set 4, last set 2. Same for every exercise.

One arm shoulder press ( standing) 3 sets (1 arm)

35 lbs, 55 lbs, 75 lbs —> That last one was a struggle, especially my left arm, it needs more work.

Side Delt raises - 3sets

15 lbs, 25 lbs. Attempted 35 lbs. elbows were not high enough so I dropped down to 30’s. I did one correctly, Then dropped down to 25’s and cranked out a couple good ones. Then went down to 20’s for a few more. Nice Pump.
In between the sets of side delt raises I went to the Squat rack. Hung from the bar, and rocked out some windshield wipers. Man, in my book of tricks, that is the hardest exercise to to to date. I did 5 nice ones each side. Then I did 5 half ones each side with a twist.

Rear Delt raises - 3 sets

15 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs

Next I went on to dips. This was awesome. I’ve been incorporating heavy lifting now and performed dips with the most weight ever! I was grunting pretty loud to rip these out.

Dips - Heavy Weight - 3 sets

Set 1 - 35 lbs, 6 reps / Set 2 - 55 lbs, 4 reps / Set 3 - 80 lbs, 2 reps —– MORE SIZE? LIFT THE WEIGHT!

Overhead Tricep Ext. on the bench lieing down.

45 lbs. 55lbs 75 lbs. (6, 4, 2 style)

After the last rep I would dish out a nice negative as slow as possible, real nice burn.
In between these I was doing this exercise where I spread my legs out wide, drop my hands down in line with my feet, body weight on the triceps, slowly bringing my legs up in the air like a split…..Bringing my feet together and pushing up into a handstand. Got the attention of some big strength lifters in the gym. They loved that stuff. It works. I’ll post pics on how to do it later.
Last but not least.

-Upside down pushups till failure - Followed by 20 hanging lower leg raises followed by narrow hand tricep pushups till failure. 2 rounds each.

While walking out I ran into Ivan. I hadn’t seen him in a good while. He’s about to turn 50. I’m going to get him in the best shape of his life. He doesn’t know it yet. But he’s going to have a beach body after working out with me. That I promise. I guarantee results. When you train with me, you will have the body you always wanted.

1/23/09 - Strength Training - Heavy Leg Routine.

-After every set as a bonus we do Handstand walks.

100 Seated Leg Presses @ 90 pounds.

5 sets of 5. Squats.

135lbs. 185lbs. 225lbs. 275lbs. 315 lbs.

5 sets of 5. Lunges

95 lbs. 135 lbs. 155 lbs. 155lbs. 155 lbs.

3 sets of 5. 1 legged Squats.

For all leg exercises, make sure you have a spotter. You can be in a tight spot in a heartbeat!

To finish off, perform alot of handstand walks! Do them untill Failure

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